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Deviant Art is for Wussies!!!

2007-12-27 15:53:41 by Zigo3

I tried Deviant Art for a while...
it was ok at first
but one day i realized everyone was a pussy
they cant take the smallest amount of criticism at all!!!
they tried to report/block me because i said someone should get photoshop...
thats when i realized i should come back here
the great place of newgrounds
thank u


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2007-12-28 00:50:24

yeah i blocked you, so i don't need to waste my time reading your pointless comment that you just put on my picture. you're just like the 29 yr old dude everyone complain seriously
why the f**ck do i need flash 8 for? its just skill...not the program. right now i unblocked you. small criticisms? you told me to delete my account, thats not criticisms, thats taunting. sorry for blogging your page and sorry i removed you from my watchlist. and sorry for blocking you.


2007-12-28 01:58:35

last time you said you like my art, but you criticize it for no reason. thats why i blocked you so you don't continue to act immature to put more comments that waste my time. sorry for changing the subject, have you ever about " worst director, but great movie. "