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2008-01-23 14:37:02 by Zigo3

is a post

Deviant Art is for Wussies!!!

2007-12-27 15:53:41 by Zigo3

I tried Deviant Art for a while...
it was ok at first
but one day i realized everyone was a pussy
they cant take the smallest amount of criticism at all!!!
they tried to report/block me because i said someone should get photoshop...
thats when i realized i should come back here
the great place of newgrounds
thank u

All Ears Hear Earthbound!

2007-08-28 08:30:24 by Zigo3

Earthbound is a misunderstood game that needs more rep! I have been eagerly waiting for Mother 3 to come to America! Great Programs like PK Call'n on are great but may not work in the end... Earthbound may never have America rep again!

But with the help of people like you! The Power of the Newgrounds Community could overpower Nintendo marketing and get the game released here!!! All I'm asking is for you to become an 'Earthbound fan' at least! Maybe you could raise it to the top by giving a Nintendo rep a quick call! Please, all you true gamers out there, we can't let a great franchise die! I know some people must love other games or maybe even other things, that are dying...

All Ears Hear Earthbound!